Monday, March 14, 2011

On March 11, an 8.9 earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan near the city of Sendai. It is the most powerful earthquake they ever experienced.

All our thoughts goes to the victims.

If you want to help :

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to the blog of "Earth Day Sado 2010"

You will can find here all the informations about the event.
This year, the "Earth Day Sado" will be held on may 16th at Toyoda(Mano)
Close to "Enya" and "Acci-Cocci"

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Concerts / Performances

*"The Family", home-made-music-band, from Kyoto.

*"Kironpo", brasilian capoeira band, from Sado.
*"Lata and Shintaro", dance performance, from Niigata
*"Atsushi", reggae sound, from Sado
*"Sadrum", drum band, from Sado


Food :
*Oasis : breads
*Love Market Cafe :Pizza and cakes
*Belgian Waffle
*Enya : curry and organic beer
*Mutarazu : sweet
*Kaki Mochi : dryed kaki snack

Craft :
*Spair : goods
*Kojiki An : clay dolls
*Yashichirou : japanese ceramics

More :
*Recycle clothes
*Essence from leaf of japanese medlar


Body :
*Yoga (500yen)
*Kids dance, by Shintaro (500yen)
*Capoeira, by Kironpo (500yen)

Craft :
*Drawing-paint of light, by Sachiko Awata (500yen)
*Craft with straw, from Hamochi/Oosaki (500yen)

Aroma :
*Natural soap, by Yuko Matsuzuka (1000yen, include material)


Some talks will be given along the day :

*"Natural agriculture and child raising", by "The Familly" + the group of learning natural agriculture from Sado
*"Calendar of the moon and women's body", by Maya-san
*"Before birth, after birth". Story from a midwife

Sea side

*Boat sailing will be available from the sea side
*Capoeira & bamboo craft on the beach


*A information-point(本部/honbu) will be situated at the main venue.
*For the young mother, a baby-corner will be situated on the side of the Sado-Pension.
*You are welcome by foot or bike!
but if you want to come by car, a parking area is situated behind "Enya" and "Acci-Cocci", front of the playground's space. Please make attention when you arrive to the venue.
*Please try to keep your garbage with you, or put them in the appropriate place.


Sponsors :

DOJOCCO (Organic Rice in Sado Island)

Sadrum (Drum band from Sado Island)



Many thanks to Maya-san, Shige-san, Nario-san, Nana-san, Asagi-san, Sachi-san, Saori-san, Aruno-san, and Tanuki